12 Hilarious Things Kids Did That Cracked Their Parents Up

12 Hilarious Things Kids Did That Cracked Their Parents Up

They know how to crack us up.

. Working Mother

Your kids may drive you crazy and keep you up at night, but they always know a way to put a grin on your face. Whether it's by doing something unexpected or dropping a clever line, here are some ways that kids have kept their parents smiling.

It probably did sound nicer.

. Working Mother

British accents are always pleasant.

That's so sweet.

. Working Mother

I'm sure it made you smile again.

I see she's a Beyonce fan.

. Working Mother

Now we have the song in our heads.

Smart girl!

. Working Mother

Handled like a pro.

That's a great wingman

. Working Mother

Did you put him up to it?

Big dreams.

. Working Mother

We know you can do it!

Great advice!

. Working Mother

He should listen to her.

We can't blame him.

. Working Mother

The room can only hold so many things.

Are you sure she wasn't faking it?

. Working Mother

It's a little fishy.

He's learning early.

. Working Mother

Interesting observation from a 5-year-old.

Weird in a good way.

. Working Mother

You are definitely doing it right.

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