5 Easy Independence Day Food Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

5 Easy Independence Day Food Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom when eating on the go. We put down the easiest and yummiest 4th of July food ideas that you could prepare for your family and relatives, because, America!

Bring the party on with your family with these food ideas:

1. Yummy Grilled BBQs

July 4th is a time to commemorate America's independence and all it stands for Freedom. Family. The American Dream. And if you’re like us, that dream includes eating some amazing BBQ.Looking for a marinade for your BBQ?

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2. Bacon-Coated Hot Dog Bites

Almost every party serves hotdogs in their menu. A typical celebration is not complete without it. Hotdog bites are perfect for all ages. It’s even very easy to prepare. It's affordable but enjoyable! That's what celebrating means, right?

3. Mouthwatering No Bake Double Chocolate Cherry Tart

If you are looking for easy to make desserts, we highly suggest this No Bake Double Chocolate Cherry Tart. Everybody loves chocolate especially if it’s filled with sweet cherries. It’s like, the perfect combination of simple and spectacular. Good thing it's cherry season!

Looking for good quality chocolates to make your Double Chocolate Cherry Tart?

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4. Tasty American Berry Pie

Yep! The infamous and delectable American Pie, not the movie but the pie itself. Put a couple of star-shaped top crust on the left side and wave-shaped crust on the right side for creativity! Voila! You now have an American Flag inspired pie!

5. Delicious Spaghetti with Meatballs

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on this classic celebration menu! The classic spaghetti with tons of meatballs! You cook this for the kids but even adults won’t be able to resist getting a plate.

Looking for quality pasta for your spaghetti?

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There you have it, folks! We love sharing useful stuff with you, to help you enjoy the sweet life even more :grin:. If you want the perfect tote to carry your 4th of July goodies when visiting your friends and family, head over to SunPlum’s original totes aisle to pick up a tote or two...you can't go wrong with them because they are both stylish and green! https://sunplum.com/whatever-tote-url

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