6 Important Tips to Stay Healthy During Summer

6 Important Tips to Stay Healthy During Summer

Summer season always conjure up images of summer getaways, outdoor dinners, backyard barbecues and trip to resorts. We never know when the dog days of summer are going to hit, but when they do, we should handle them with extra care. Extreme heat can have dire consequences even in fit and healthy people, the elderly, the young, outdoor laborers and people suffering from cardiovascular problems, obesity and diabetes.

Meaning to say, we’re all defenseless no matter what the situation or condition we’re in, so take good care of yourself when the temperature rises. Drink plenty of hydrating beverages, wear hats and sunglasses to protect you from direct sunlight and wear light-colored clothes from heat protection. But, what else can we do to avoid heat-related problems? We collated 6 timely tips to help you out:

Stay Constantly Hydrated

This is the most significant rule for summer. You need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. When the weather is tremendously hot, you need to drink more since it can also get warmer even when you are in the shade. Whether it’s just an ordinary day or doing outdoor activities, carry water in containers or water bottles. With exercise and sweating, we need at least two to three quarts of liquid or more during this warm season.

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Protect Your Body from Heat Overexposure

While enjoying the summer activities, protect yourself from the dangers of direct sunlight by wearing a sunhat and using sunscreens without unnecessary chemicals. Always carry an aloe vera gel whenever you go outdoors, it is a good protection against overexposure to sunlight. It will soothe any sunburn easily.

These Aloe vera products will protect your body during the summer season:

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Drink Plenty of Green Tea

Green tea has the ability to keep our body well-hydrated. It also contains natural mechanisms that helps boost metabolism.

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Enjoy Nature’s Bounty


There are so many fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits at their organic best you can surely enjoy. Consuming light and cooling foods such as raw salads, fresh fruits and vegetable juices will nurture your body for summertime adventures. You can also add protein with one or two meals.

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Start an Exercise Program

Aerobic exercise is an essential way for keeping the heart healthy and strong. If you spend most of the time in a health club, it’s time for you to do some outdoor activities like swimming, biking or hiking. Doing these kind of activities will help keep your mind and body aligned.

You’ll need these supplements to improve your energy levels as you keep up or begin your exercise program:

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Eat Smaller, Lighter Meals

“Comfort foods” have significantly less charm in the summer, ever noticed it? This is your body’s way of telling you to eat small of the heavy meal. When you eat too much, your body has to work tougher to digest all the food you ate, draining off valuable energy and generating internal heat to finish it. Instead, eat fresh fruit, salads and make-ahead foods that don’t need digestive heavy lifting.

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Most importantly, give yourself the time to experience the beauty of nature. This can happen, even in a city park near your area, if you just let in your surroundings and relax. Take activities for your family and don’t forget to bring your first aid kit for injuries, bee stings and bites. Drink your water, watch for overexposure and take your time in the shade. You should enjoy this time of the year!

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