Top 10 Important Things to Bring When Camping & Hiking

Top 10 Important Things to Bring When Camping & Hiking

Planning the most important things you need ahead of time before packing your things for an adventure is a game-changer. You wouldn’t want to pack lots of stuff in your backpack and end up not using them at all, right? You think bringing all the things you want will give you a more convenient life up there, somewhere in the mountains, but in the end, it will just serve as a heavy load that you actually don’t need.

So, to help you out in picking only the essential things you need for an adventure, we’ve come up with the top 10 important things to bring when camping and hiking. Get your journal ready and take note of these vital things!


Sun Protection

Bringing something to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun is very vital. May it be protection for your skin or eyes, sun glasses for your eyes and sunscreen to protect your skin are indeed MUST-HAVES! It can be in a form of cream or mist!


We recommend you these awesome sunscreens!

Alba Botanica Sunscreen - Hawaiian - Spf30 - 1 Oz

Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion - Spf30 - 8 Oz


Flashlights & Headlamps

Of course, this is a no-brainer! Anyone who would go for a camping or hiking will surely need a source of light to survive the night.


First Aid Kit

It is great to bring a first-aid kit that will suit all your needs. Consider the number of people who will use the first-aid supplies and remember to bring only enough items. This first-aid kit should include adhesive bandages for blisters, gauze pads, disinfectant, adhesive tapes, and other o-t-c medications such as pain relievers.

Always equip yourself with a complete set of first aid kit in case of emergency! Don’t forget this important step!


Recommended products:

ThayersTopical Pain Reliever - Medicated Witch Hazel Aloe Vera - 12 Oz

All Terrain Bandages - Fabric Assorted - 30 Ct


Knives or Multi-tools

These tools are very handy when it comes to different emergency needs and some repairs, first-aid and even with food preparation.

Choose multi-tools that are all-in-one tool. They should be very handy and pocketable.


Extra Food

Pack some extra food like canned goods and protein bars. Foods that are healthy and easy to bring that will last for an extra day or two.


Best food to bring on camping:

PureProtein Bar - Chocolate Salted Caramel - 50 Grams - 1 Case

Think Products High Protein Bar - Maple Almond - Case of 10 - 2.1 Oz

Probar Organic Chocolate Coconut Bar - Case of 12 - 3 Oz

Navigation (Compass or Map)

Having a high-tech compass and map with you is very essential. In fact, it is one of the most imperative tools that you should bring when going out for an adventure. Plus, these are very handy to use when you need them most and the good thing is it doesn’t depend on batteries. Another thing to consider when bringing a compass is to choose one with a sighting mirror, that can be utilized to reflect sunlight to rescuers riding on a helicopter, in case of an emergency.


Shelter (Tent)

Of course, to help you sleep securely and comfortably at night, you’ll need a high-quality tent. You never know what weather changes will happen during your adventure so it is better to come prepared.


Lots of Fluids (Hydration)

Check out your map and figure out in advance if there are any drinkable water sources near your camping area and in case there is, it would be great if you have a solid water container with you. Plus consider bringing a water container that has a filtering system to make sure that what you’re drinking is clean. Bring as much extra water as possible. Also increase your hydration and energy with one of our popular drink tabs to give you an extra boost, when you need it.

Drink Maple Organic Melon Water - Case Of 12 - 12 Oz.

Nuun Hydration Drink Tab - Active - Orange - 10 Tablets - Case Of 8

Scheckter's Og Beverages Organic Energy Beverage Original - Case of 12 - 8.4 Fl Oz


Fire starter

This is one of the most vital tools that you should bring when camping. We all know that fire is very important because it can be used to cook food, boil water warm a shelter, signal rescuers, and provide you with a mental and emotional lift.


Insulation (Clothing)

Determine the season or weather of your camping date so you can figure out what type of clothing you are about to wear. Include some synthetic jackets and vest on your backpack when traveling during cold seasons or in very frigid areas, also, some extra socks or gloves will surely help protect you from frostbites or extreme weather.

Well now you are all set to get going, enjoy yourself out there and we may cross path during your great adventure.

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