Ultima replenisher berry punch toddler formula electrolyte powder is a delicious source of healthy hydration and electrolyte replacement for active and sick kids.Your kids will love the delicious berry punch flavor and it’s perfect for everyday refreshment.It also helps prevent dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting.We partnered with vitamin angels so no child is left without their daily dose of vitamins.Ultima toddler formula includes all the great stuff in regular ultima, just lighter.So kids from ages 1 to 4 can rehydrate and recharge electrolytes with a great tasting drink perfect for the sippy cup set.Think of ultima toddler formula as an everyday drink after play dates or pre-school, but especially when fever, cold, vomiting or diarrhea causes dehydration.Includes fifteen 0.09 oz.Packets of berry punch toddler formula electrolyte powder.
country of origin : united states of america
is dairy free : yes
is gluten free : yes
is gmo free : yes
is vegan : yes
is wheat free : yes
is yeast free : yes
size : 15 ct
pack of : 1
selling unit : each

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