About SunPlum


SunPlum is that enjoyable vibe that thrive
in that juicy sweet spot that only you know
As it blossoms deep down in your essence
Trying to interpret and somewhat embody this in your lovely and brave presence.

By curating high quality, unique, pleasing
And useful products that is worth your while

For you to smile away your tears
And face your fears little by little
Until they whittle into nothingness
And revel in the laughs that come from far under your belly button and play tunes on your vernacular heartstrings.
That touches you like the delectable sweetness of your vivid dreams spilling over into your reality.
Allowing you to explore and express your definition of happiness.

SunPlum is about celebrating you
Your perfect imperfections
The fact that you matter in the big scheme of things
Encouraging you to enjoy the sweet life that is always a gift
No matter the trials and tribulations,
the losses, the pain
Being restless in the world
Or at peace with you.
SunPlum is that satisfying experience and mental space where you can always come to play, live, shop and share while still keeping your private moments sacred
For Respect is due
No man is an island
Community is epic
And life is sweet.

Thanks so much for visiting, supporting, joining and choosing to shop small but significant with us.
As a company, SunPlum is a woman-owned American small business that have put down roots in Raleigh North Carolina living and contributing to the American Dream. We take pride in our work beautifying the world and diligent in helping you and others. But what really sets us apart is our small and fearless team committed to our customers’ betterment and success.

Heartfelt Gratitude and Cheers to you my Love
...Most of all Welcome to SunPlum your sweet island that helps connect you with your happy place,

~ Kasun & Spoke and the SunPlum® family