About SunPlum


SunPlum is an innovative modern mercantile that offers customers a one stop online shop for products that promote a positive and inspired lifestyle. From organic eats, to handcrafted goods and gifts, adventure ready outdoor gear, and American Made apparel, if it’s well-made, unique, and inspiring, chances are you’ll find it at SunPlum.

Much more than just a store, SunPlum is a movement with meaning, seeking to create an online community of creatives, doers, and dreamers. Where people from any country, and any culture can come together and celebrate the beautiful uniqueness that makes us human.

The online inventory featured on SunPlum reflects our culture of creativity, call for unity, and quest for accountability. Browse our intuitive online store and you’ll find a carefully curated collection of products whose purpose is to instill a sense of passion, inspiration and intrigue into our everyday existences.

Artists, adventurers, architects and everyone in between will appreciate SunPlum's wide range of sustainably-sourced, handcrafted goods and gifts, and can be reassured that the products they purchase are carefully vetted for quality, sustainability, and economic impact.

As consumers in this ever-advancing internet age, there often exist an overwhelming abundance of online shopping options that were simply unimaginable 20 years ago. The world is quite literally at our fingertips. Shoes from Sicily, software from Singapore, salmon from Seattle, it seems that these days nothing is more than a click away. With such a puzzling plethora of products and places to purchase them, how can a concerning and conscious consumer ever truly know the impact of their online shopping?

SunPlum was founded upon the principles of positivity, inspiration, and enlightenment. Designed from its inception to take the enigma out of online shopping by offering customers a one stop online shop with a carefully curated collection of eco-conscious, sustainably-sourced goods and gifts. Products built with passion and purpose that encourage us to embrace our individuality on a daily basis.

We have a choice. So why not choose to shop small and significantly? To shop with purpose and passion? To shop enlightened and inspired, knowing that all products purchased from our store help bring a little bit of light into a World that can grow so dark? Shop with us and ENJOY THE SWEET LIFE!